Our Staff


Kelly Chaudoin-Patzoldt, PsyD

Dr. Chaudoin-Patzoldt completed her doctorate in clinical psychology with concentrations in adult psychopathology, psychotherapy, health psychology, and behavioral medicine at the University of Indianapolis. She provides individual and couples therapy for adults and late adolescents. She specializes in treating Posttraumatic Stress Disorder and other emotional and behavioral difficulties that arise as a consequence of traumatic exposure. She has extensive experience working with Veterans and treating difficulties related to military experience. In addition, she works with a variety of presenting concerns, including—though not limited to—difficulties managing emotions and interpersonal stress related to personality pathology, depression, anxiety, and thought disorders. She also conducts a variety of psychological assessments.

Dan D'Allaird, Psy.D

I provide individual, couples, and family therapy for children (age five and older), adolescents, and adults. I enjoy providing therapy for a variety of presenting concerns, including emotional, behavioral, and developmental difficulties for children and adolescents; relational problems; parenting challenges; problems associated with anxiety and depression; traumatic experiences; and grief and loss.

I also conduct psychological assessments for children, adolescents, and adults. These assessments cover a wide range of referral questions, including psychological diagnosis, treatment and disposition planning, cognitive and emotional functioning, attention and behavioral problems, pre-bariatric surgery assessments, and parenting issues.

I am a graduate of the Minnesota School of Professional Psychology (now Argosy University), and I have been licensed in Minnesota as a clinical psychologist since 2002. I serve on the Board of Directors for the Duluth Public Library and judge entries annually for the Minnesota Book Awards. I live in Duluth with my wife and two children.

Mitzi Doane, Ph.D

I was born and raised in New England.  I attended St. Bonaventure University for my undergraduate training and received my Ph.D in psychology from Vanderbilt University in 1978.  I have been employed full time as a professor of psychology and health education at the University of Minnesota Duluth since 1978.  During those years, I have also been a department head and dean.

My areas of expertise include eating disorders, sexual behavior and gender issues.  I have written one book and 11 research articles in these and other areas.  I utilize a  cognitive-behavioral approach in therapy. This means I aid people in changing their negative behaviors and thoughts in order to become healthier.  I have been licensed as a clinical psychologist in Minnesota since 1981.  I do individual, family, and couples counseling in such broad areas as anxiety, depression, and post traumatic stress.  I also run a group for special needs adult males who are struggling with sexual issues. I have been married since 1984 and have two grown children.

Rich Duus, Ph.D

I have practiced psychology in the Duluth area since 1987. My undergraduate college work was done in Sioux Falls, South Dakota at Augustana College after which I spent some time in military service which I finished in 1971 as a Captain. I then went to Eastern Washington University which was finished in 1975 with a Master's of Science in psychology, and went from there to Logan, Utah where the Ph.D. in behavioral psychology was completed in 1982. I worked 4 years in Brainerd, Minnesota at the Brainerd Regional Treatment Center, and then in Grand Rapids, Minnesota. My work there was in the Northland Mental Health Center until, in 1987, I took a position in the Behavioral Health Unit of the Duluth Clinic which has since merged to become SMDC. Remaining in that position for about 9 years, in 1996 I opened a private practice office which was initially called the Duluth Psychological Services, and by the next year became the Duluth Psychological Clinic, dedicated to using current psychological research and theory. Affiliations with the hospitals are maintained to assist in consultations and client-patient care.

The focus of my psychological practice has been generally within a cognitive behavioral psychotherapy framework, but also with what is generally referred to as ego state therapy. In addition, I frequently do behavioral consultation with children and adult special needs populations with group and foster homes. Much of my practice has been focused on in depth psychological evaluations, sometimes as much as 50 percent of the practice. More recently, I am doing fewer evaluations. Specialty areas include biofeedback, clinical hypnosis with psychophysiological disorders as well as within a more standard psychotherapy format, relaxation, integrating and using meditation for assisting people in working through their problems, mindfulness in psychotherapy as well as daily living, relaxation and imagery. Some problems I have worked with include anxiety, depression, obsessive compulsive disorder, couples therapy, chronic disorders such as multiple sclerosis and chronic fatigue syndrome, habit disorders, behavioral disorders, anger issues, Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorders, Post Traumatic Stress problems, and pain management.

Dr. Duus is semi-retired and is accepting new patients on a case-by-case basis. Please call the office to inquire about his availability.

Doug Heck, Ph.D

I was born and raised in Kansas, and in 1980 completed my undergraduate degree through Emporia State University.  In 1988 I graduated from the University of North Dakota with a Ph.D. in clinical psychology.

After starting my career at the University of MN Dental School, and the Partial Hospital Program at Abbott-Northwestern Hospital, I worked for 13 years at MINCEP Epilepsy Care in Minneapolis.  While there, I was part of a medical team providing care for people with epilepsy or related conditions, and was active in research, teaching, and consultation with health care professionals around the world.

I was a clinical assistant professor with the University of MN for 10 years, and adjunct assistant professor at St. Mary's University for 8 years.  I moved to Duluth in 2000, joined DPC, and began working in the Rehabilitation Program at St. Luke's Hospital.

I greatly enjoy my work and the wonderful environment here at DPC.  For most of my career, I have provided care for clients experiencing medical problems, including brain injury, stroke, seizures, multiple sclerosis, dementia, Parkinson's Disorder, and other chronic conditions.  I regularly collaborate with physicians, nurses, various therapists, family members, teachers, and others in a team approach to treatment.   Using current psychological theory and practice, I assist clients as they strive to cope with, improve and heal their physical, mental, and spiritual health.

Ryan Jagim, Ph.D

Born and raised in North Dakota, I graduated from Concordia College in 1974, and received a PhD in clinical psychology from the University of North Dakota in 1979.  I began my psychology career at the Human Development Center in Duluth, and subsequently joined the Meritcare Medical Group in Fargo in 1987, continuing a clinical practice of working with children and families for about 23 years.   During that 23 years, I raised a family, and now have three sons currently in college.  I am licensed in North Dakota and have been licensed in Minnesota since 1981, and am now returning to Duluth to become part of the Duluth Psychological Clinic.

While I have found that a developmental perspective and cognitive behavioral theoretical approach offers an effective framework in helping people make changes in their lives, an essential component of psychotherapy is the establishment of a caring, trusting and honest working relationship between myself and the individual seeking services.  It is within this combination that I provide psychotherapy, psychological assessment, and consultation services in individual, family, and group therapy with special focus on children and adolescents.  Specific problem areas I have worked include depression, anxiety, ADHD, family conflict, school difficulties, anger management and conduct disorders.  A recent area of interest is the use of behavioral-mental health consultations with other healthcare providers utilizing an integrated model to look at earlier intervention with difficulties.  I also have been working with individuals to include family physicians and pediatricians to understand the impact of trauma and loss on individuals in order to develop interventions and coping strategies for children and adolescents.  I continue to provide a variety psychological services and assessments to children and adolescents.

In 2000, Dr. Doug Heck joined the Clinic followed by Dr. Mitzi Doane in 2001, and Dr. Dan D'Allaird in 2007. In between those years, Dr's. Mona Hunter and Don Streufert have been part of the clinical staff. Dr. Streufert became part of the UMD Counseling Center in September 2008 and Dr. Mona Hunter is phasing out of the Duluth Psychological Clinic to dedicate more time to the Mish-Ka-Wisen Treatment Center. Their contributions to the Clinic are greatly appreciated and all the best is wished for them in their endeavors.


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